Benefits of Using Dodecin

Dodecin’s benefits include:

  • Back and joint chronic pain relief
  • Muscle soreness/stiffness control
  • Reduction in Nerve (neuropathy) Pain

Dodecin can also Provide:

  • Reduced Post-Workout recovery time
  • Reduction in chronic Inflammatory Skin Conditions
  • Reduction in Fibromyalgia  & other chronic pain syndromes

Rapid onset on action with loading dose: 

  • Typically onset is 3-7 days for most chronic conditions but consider continuing up to 30 days.
  • Adding Triargin likely will boost results
    • For chronic conditions we do recommend the combination of both Dodecin and Triargin for maximal opportunity of pain control.

Chronic inflammation and pain need to have a loading dose to suppress the over load occurring in your body. Just like steroid dosing for acute inflammation your doctor typically will give a short burst to quickly suppress the inflammation. We also encourage a loading dose too, that’s why many see results starting to occur within the first week.

Once you gain control for the inflammation or pain then start to slowly wean down to find the exact dose you need. I you have a flare then repeat the loading dose.

The Bottom Line

Not all pain will respond to Dodecin alone, circulatory issues will respond to Triargin better. Again we encourage to start with the combination of Dodecin and Triargin for maximal results and then slowly wean down or off a product if you are not seeing a benefit.

We hope you can tell that ByPro Nutrition is about finding a solution for your chronic pain or inflammatory condition. Everyone here is about finding solutions to chronic back, neck, joint, nerve or knee pain and NOT just selling a pill. Dr. Robert Bynum founded and formulated these products to help himself and his patients looking to reduce joint pain and inflammation conditions. Our focus continues with the believe in providing quality ingredients and safe combinations that we personally take too.